Jolly-B Evo Scale racing boat

Jolly is a scale model of the successful Italian Offshore-Catamaran. The Skater- Cat was adapted to the current design conceptions, where the goal was to have an optimal running quality. Because of the 2 steps in the hulls it glides very easy and (The original boat with a 12 cilinders Lamborghini-engine at 8500 revolutions per minute) reaches very high speeds.
Through its simple construction this model is also naturally the most suitable for one or two drives with two 600-er, or by a flex outdrive with a strong electric-motor, even with a 3,5 ccm engine.

1. Video (63MByte, wmv).
2. Video (31MByte, wmv).
3. Video (24MByte, wmv).

Spare parts:
391 EUR
Jolly ready to run
451 EUR
Ready to run with twin adjustable flex shaft system
537 EUR
Boat hull
224 EUR
Replacement kabin-deck
20 EUR
Rudder System
65 EUR
Flex outdrive system
72 EUR
Inside parts: motor mounting, servo holding, battery holder, boat stand
30 EUR
15 EUR

Technical data:
890 mm
Lenght over all:
995 mm
255 mm
3-4,5 Kg
2x 36x74mm 1700-2000Kv or  1x 45x71mm  1800-2200Kv perhaps 3,5 ccm   glow
6S vagy 6S2P LiPo 5500-6000 mAh

2x 38-42mm vagy 1x 1,4x 42-45mm

70-130 km/h


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