Syncron Crossover Offshore racing boat

This division has then started when I was visiting our Tom Lorenz in also Oldnew Metropolis BERLIN a few years ago. We have discussed along with further young guys when staying in a small pretty store how nice it would be to enlarge the elegant profile of Mono-2 Syncron to 1.5 meter long pure performance.
That was a good idea but it has of course taken a longer time until also this project could be thrown into the cold but still in the water. Originally, the Design should have been styled between an American Apache and a Norwegian Faluge. Well, besides the high-quality 27-35 cc engines, the faster electric motors can be also mounted. If you have little time, spirit, inspiration, moreover some motivation, you can also dream about besides a great driving characteristics even in difficult water conditions and for the visual touch from an individually Cool Airbrush Painting, if some fans having High-End standard demands.
Engineered to perform-smoking fast







· 4th place at the 24h Powerboat Competiton in Paris 2013. (by Team Gemany)

Video (55MByte, mp4)

Video (116MByte, mp4)

Complete ready assembled with all hardware (for electric motor or gas engine)
It's offered on your exact request
Boat hull
450 EUR
Boat hull with carbon/aramid
570 EUR
Rudder system Typ IV
87 EUR
Flex/shaft stinger assembly system
85 EUR
Spare cabin deck 
95 EUR
Spare flex shaft
26 EUR
Turn Fin
31 EUR

Technical data:
1500 mm - 59"
395 mm - 15,5"
ca. 8 Kg
LMT 3080-750 Kv or 27-35 cc gas engine

10S2P LiPo  6000-7000 mAh 

70 mm x1,4   1/4"
70-120 km/h


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