SYNCRON Offshore racing boat

This invented development has the typical style of an APBA American Offshore racing boat
which was taken as an example. The Syncron is 10 cm longer than the famous Graupner
Mega Dragstar and with its solid and precise hardware system it's suitable for modern
technics such as the new brushless motors, LiPo cells and modified metal racing propellers.
It's meant for unlimited just for fun runs or especially for the NAVIGA Mono-2
(with flood chamber) and NAMBA P-Mono (without steps) competition classes. The concept
of bottom comes from the well-known and proven Triton and has the same very good
driving characteristics, but the deck was designed according to the trendy New Edge design.
In the cabin is also integrated the innovative cockpit from real carbon.
Excellent craftsmanship like that of bigger brothers.


· 3rd place on the World Championship in Mono-2 class in Stara Zagora 2001.(by NSJ)
· Australian National Champion in 12 cell Open Mono class 2006.(by Tony Jones)
· NAMBA FE Nationals record in Q Mono class and 2nd in P Mono class 2006.
  (by Steven Vaccaro)
· English Champion in Mono-2 class 2011.(by Lee Heath)

Video (23MByte, wmv).
Video (97MByte, wmv).

Syncron kit
315 EUR
Syncron complete ready assembled "ARTR"
370 EUR
Ready assembled with flood chamber
405 EUR
Boat hull (stepped or deep vee version)
125 EUR
Boat hull with carbon/aramid
150 EUR
Rudder system
75 EUR
Flex shaft system
65 EUR
Turn Fin
25 EUR
Inside parts: motor mounting, servo holder, battery holder
transom strengthening plate, boat stand
35 EUR
Spare cabin
19 EUR
Spare flex shaft with drive dog
19 EUR
16 EUR

Technical data:
720 mm
210 mm
ca. 2 Kg

36x56 mm or 40x74 mm 2000-2200 Kv possible 2,5 cc nitro engine


4S LiPo  5000-6300 mAh


42-45 mm  x1,4

60-90 km/h


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