Syncron Titan Offshore racing boat

Here was still nothing in the area available when formerly, my US dealer asked me
for a 27 inch long version of Syncron. For this size, there was a very popular mono
class. From the back 20 mm vertically and on the front skewly 20 mm was sawed
and the long of 27 inch was made. What is important is okay, but the boat looked
a bit grotesque, like after a five star crash but without the huge holes, if that would
suddenly & magically repaired after actually run. Almost at the same time, we
outgrow our Ozon for Mono-1, then logically we had to launch a new boat in the
size of 680 mm before us.
The hull was now designed to have a sleek chopped profile as possible, and from a
quickly serviette-sketch could be a pretty good innovative R/C stinger. We have also
put a pretty cool powerdome LED flashing light-block on the front, which can be a
helping- in overtaking and also as like a human thanks.
Well, it seems that the wonder just runs and sovereignly runs, in all conditions at
your racing, moreover it can even be refueled from the ever sunshine ;-)


Video (98 MByte wmv)


Syncron Titan complete ready assembled with flood chamber "ARTR"

360 EUR

Syncron Titan ready complete assembled and with R/C stinger

389 EUR

Boat hull

120 EUR
Boat hull with carbon-aramid
155 EUR

Spare cabin

19 EUR

Spare shaft

25 EUR
Rudder System
65 EUR

Turn Fin

18 EUR

Technical data:
680 mm
200 mm
Lenght overall:
790 mm
ca. 1,4 Kg
28x60 mm or 36x45 mm 3000 Kv brushless 
3S LiPo 5500-6300 mAh 

36-38 mm x1,4  M4 or 1/8" Drive Dog

50-80 km/h


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