Triton Edition – will be introduced as a masterpiece of handcraft!

Each ship is provided with a number.

With the aim to be perfect... the Triton Edition has been developed from the valuable and loved Triton.

First of all the Triton Edition is designed for the categories Mono II und SAW Mono L6. In these classes 4S or 6S LiPo cells will drive the boat. However, this boat also aims at new standards in category No. 3 of artistic top quality and high value handcraft-processes!

The boat’s hull has been modified aesthetically and hydro-dynamically on 12 places and provided additonally with a stream channel with sandwich plate and safety switch. The design with luxurious modeling techniques will be fit in the mould in four colors.

In the precisely assembled („RTR”) completely carbon boat (carbon fiber parts, as in racingsports) the sandwich motor mounting is located more definetely in the front, in contrast with the original Triton.

By the little bit slant installation of the shaft can be reached a more optimal trim of the boat can be achieved (it should be an advantage at higher powers only…). At the highest speed the Triton Edition will be pushed on the water in the front and that’s why it will lie more stable in wind as well.

The 4 mm direct drive shaft will be steered in the stuffing box by one ball bearing in the front and two ball bearings at the rear side, and by one thrust bearing at the rear.

The „rudder bridge” will be CNC-machined in one piece of highly solid Swiss aluminum, Certal, in order to bear the extreme loads.during excellent high-speed performance.

The new generous shape of the turn fins and the new underwater hull allow the stepped boat to turn on a surprising run. Deep Vee flat version is also available!

Some parts of the ship are provided with black chromium plating or gold plating. This is an addition to the Limited Edition, because only 45 pieces of them are built worldwide!

Video (90MByte, mpg)
Video (90MByte, mpg)

Technical data:
803 mm
Length(over all):
920 mm
233 mm
140 mm
4-6S LiPo 5500-6000 mAh
LMT 1950 or 2250 2000-1400 Kv 

1,4x 42-47mm

3.6 Kg
60-100 Km/h


Price: 645 EUR


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