Triton Offshore racing boat

The Triton is a scale styled model construction of an American Offshore racing boat.
It is a successful and optimally fitted boat for the NAVIGA racing classes Mono-3
(with steps and flood chamber) and FSR-O 3,5 (without steps). The under part of hull
(bottom) was developed throught several prototypes and long-standing tests. This
shows a stepped section with fillings on both sides, which enables the boat to slide
extremely fast, good handling even on very rough ponds. Only then was for this a
characteristic deck created and finally named. The light but strong enought hull has a
bright white 2K car paint, the pilot cabins are prepared with a real carbon cockpit and
can equipped with wings. The highly polished surface is so smooth that you should also
polish it with 1000 grit sandpaper if you want to perform a different decoration.


· 3rd place on the European Championship in Duchov 1996.
· Vice World Champion in Velenje 1997.
· 3rd place on the European Championship in Nürnberg 2000.
· World Champion in FSR-O 3,5 in Velenje 2000.
· 1st place at the International Competition in Schrems 2001.
· Vice World Champion in FSR-O 3,5 in Belchatow 2002.
Video (116MByte, mp4).
· Vice World Champion in Warsaw 2004.
· Vice World Champion in junior FSR-O 3,5 in Velenje 2004.
· 5th place on the World Championship in Ghent 2013.

Video (99MByte, wmv).
Video (101MByte, mpg).
Video (528MByte, mp4).

Triton kit
350 EUR
Triton complete ready assembled "ARTR"
400 EUR
Ready assembled with flood chamber
435 EUR
Boat hull (stepped or deep vee version)
150 EUR
Boat hull with carbon/aramid
185 EUR
Rudder system
70 EUR
Flex shaft system
65 EUR
Inside parts: motor mounting, servo holder, battery holder, transom strengthening plate, boat stand 
45 EUR
Engine mounting for nitro engine
40 EUR
RC Box from fibeglass for nitro version
35 EUR
Spare cabin  
24 EUR
Spare flex shaft with drive dog
20 EUR
Turn Fin
28 EUR

Technical data:
810 mm
236 mm
ca. 2,5 Kg

36x74 mm - 40x74 mm - 45x71 mm  1400-2000 Kv possible  3,5 cc nitro engine


4-6S LiPo 5500-6300 mAh


42-47mm x1,4  3/16"

45-110 km/h


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