Triton Offshore racing boat

The Triton is the faithful model construction of an American Offshore racing-boat. It is a successfully and optimally achieved boat hull for the competition classes Mono III (with step-system) and FSR-O 3,5 (without step). The underwater hull of the model was developed after several prototypes and longstanding tests. After this a characteristic deck was given and finally its name. The underwater hull exhibits a step section and a risen at both sides which allows that the hull can slide extremely fast and can be steered relative perfectly even on rough water. The light Fiberglass hull has a white 2C auto lacquer surface, the pilot-cabins (cockpit) are laminated with carbon look and they are equipped with wings. The high polished surface is so bright and smooth, that there should be water-polished only if you want to lacquer the surface again.


· Third place on the European Championship in Duchov in 1996.
· Vice World champion in Velenje 1997.
· Third place on the European Championship in Nürnberg 2000.
· World Champion on FSR-O 3,5 in Velenje 2000.
· First place at the international Competition in Schrems 2001.
· Vice World champion on FSR-O 3,5 in Belchatow 2002.
Video (116MByte, mp4).
· Vice World champion in Warsaw (Poland) 2004.
· Vice junior World champion on FSR-O 3,5 in Velenje 2004.
· V. place on world championship in Ghent 2013.

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Spare parts:
Triton kit
350 EUR
Triton ready to run
400 EUR
Boat hull in fiberglass (steps or flat-version)
150 EUR
Boat hull in carbon fiber/aramid
185 EUR
Rudder System
80 EUR
Flex Outdrive System
72 EUR
17 EUR
Inside parts: motor mounting, servo holder, battery-holder, strengthening plate, boat stand
40 EUR
Engine Mounting kit for nitro engine
45 EUR
Fiberglass RC-Box for flat-Version
50 EUR
Replacement kabine-deck
24 EUR
Replacement flex-shaft with drive dog
20 EUR
Ready to run with flood channel
435 EUR

Technical data:
810 mm
236 mm
2,5 Kg

36x74 or 40x74mm or  45x71mm 1400-2000 Kv  possible  3,5 ccm glow


4-6S LiPo 5500-6000 mAh


1,4x 42-47mm

45-110 km/h


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