Ozon Offshore racing boat

It has been clear! After Triton (Mono-3) and Syncron (Mono-2) should have come Ozon
The engineering of 3D-CAD drawings were elaborately designed over a longer period with
a large care. As a follow up the maser model was milled from a Sika-Block, but due to
other time-consuming projects it could only maked futher after a long time. Four years
after the start of this development, the first mould was made in order to be able to make
prototype tests and experiences of race. It became clear that to achieve better results,
it was necessary to build a basically new under part of hull and a completely other
hardware construction. After the continuous implementation of these ideas, a highly
current model has been created, that is looking for a similar level! The access to the
peak of success can follow soon.
The design of the boat hull was previously also from Graupner in the program with the
name GX1000 and it's now a possible collector's item as a classic of the future.

· Hungarian Champion 2009.

Video (53MByte, wmv).

Ozon kit
298 EUR
Ozon complete ready assembled with flood chamber "ARTR"
331 EUR
Boat hull (stepped or deep vee version)
115 EUR
Spare flex shaft
20 EUR
Spare cabin
19 EUR
Rudder system
70 EUR
Flex shaft system
65 EUR
Turn Fin
18 EUR

Technical data:
590 mm
155 mm
Length overall:
690 mm
ca. 1,4 Kg
28x60 mm or 36x45 mm 3000 Kv brushless
3S LiPo 5500-6300 mAh

36-38 mm x1,4  M4

55-80 km/h


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