We perform deliveries according to the below detailed delivery conditions and after payment. Through ordering and receiving the product delivered from us means that our customer accepts these conditions.


We need the following information from you in your order:
· your full name,
· postal address (street, house number, floor; city name, zip code),
· your phone number or fax number,
· a complete description of the product and the quantity ordered.
· method of payment (cash on delivery, Eurocheque, money transfer, on-line banking),
· type of delivery selected (post, special delivery, UPS).

Normally, we have all articles available, or we can get them in a short time. We will inform you about the articles we cannot deliver in two weeks.
Should you place an order by phone or in a written format (mail, fax), the requested item must be delivered within a month. Should you cancel your order, please inform us as soon as possible.
In case of special orders like Kevlar/Carbon, Ultra light laminate, specific colours or sandwich built tip, we need three weeks' time.


It is free of charge until the day of delivery. We calculate the amount on the basis of the prices and discounts valid on the day of the payment (there is a discount of 3% from over 750 Euro net, 5% over 1500 Euro, and 7% over 2500 Euro).
Invoices issued to companies are exclusive of VAT, as it shall be imposed by the component authorities in the country of destination.
Sales prices given for private persons within the EU include the amount of VAT at the rate of 25% currently in forcce in Hungary.


We do not charge any packaging costs!


It occurs after receiving the payment. The risks of delivery are borne by the receiver.
· Mailing delivery,
· Via Air mail,
· UPS,

Transport charges, postage costs and express costs are paid by the receiver.

Method of payment

Deliveries to customers, with whom we do not have a running business relation occur through cash on delivery, advance postal-payment, Eurocheque, money transfer or on-line banking.

Pro-forma invoices

We normally send you the prepared invoice including mailing costs. As soon as payment arrives, we confirm it by telephone, fax or e-mail and immediately send you the product, as well as a original invoice under separate cover.

Property conditions

Until you have paid the whole amount of the invoice, we keep all property rights of the product to be delivered from us. It is due to security reasons.


We always take out extra effort to deliver the highest quality. Should you find any lack of quality in our products due to production or delivery, we give you (after checking the product) guarantee that we take the faulty item/product back and repair it, eventually replace it.
It normally occurs within 6 months.

Because of the continuous development you have to reckon with technical, optical and other changes.

We are pleased to provide you further information, as per your request.

Best regards, Toys' Port Team


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